The Club

Welcome. Thank you for joining. But this is your club not mine. It’s about you and your journey through pregnancy and mummyhood.

I want to expel all the negativity and media trash that judges and puts pressure on pregnant mums and new mums to look great and be great constantly. It’s rubbish and unrealistic. We are bombarded with diets, shred programs, HIIT workouts to get back into those size 8 jeans. ‘Pre Baby Body.’ Let’s just look after ourselves and more importantly our new babies. Support each other and be realistic about who you are and what you want.

Me. I am a mum of 2. So I know the hardship of pregnancy and I have the body that proves it.

Before that I had a life. I was pretty fit. Qualified fitness and Pilates instructor, hockey player, golfer, avid gym goer. Completed a marathon in 2010 and was getting into Triathlon before baby 1 came along. So I know about exercise and getting a sweat on.

I’ve been a physiotherapist for 10 years, working in private rehabilitation in NZ, London, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. So I know about the body, and how to be nice to it.

So I want to share some advice. Help and support those that need it. Create a club that is honest, real and judgement free. Follow my videos, Facebook, Instagram, subscribe to my channel. Enjoy x


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