My Pregnancy Fitness…

Hated it. Hated pretty much every day of pregnancy, being pregnant, looking pregnant,  carrying a tonne weight, changing my relatively fit lifestyle and hated the looks and comments. Ahhh the comments! I literally exploded and was ‘all bump’ from 4 months onwards as everyone kept telling me but I luckily didn’t pile on excess weight elsewhere. I did put on an extra 15kg in those 9 months though. In fact I was quite proud of that!

39 week bump. ‘Are you sure you’ve only one in there?!’

So the year I first got pregnant I was also getting married. I was 10 weeks on my wedding day and thats when we told everyone. I was 28, pretty fit and completed 2 triathlons that summer so I wasn’t trying to fit into a dress or anything, just wanted to keep up the training. Hubs and I went on 2 ‘fitness’ holidays to Turkey and Slovenia that year. Nothing that we signed up for, just worked-out ourselves everyday in the sun. Ran, swam, biked, gymed, Pilates classes etc and chilled the rest of the day. Best holidays ever! So sad looking back now thinking we’ll never get that chance again. No doubt if/when we ever holiday by ourselves again we won’t be nearly capable or have the energy!

We were living in London so everything was so expensive including gym membership. Luckily I could use my work gym once a week where I did lots of kettle bell training for butt and leg muscles. I kept running up to week 32. But by then it was a walk-waddle really. I swam each weekend which I loved, mainly front crawl surprisingly over breaststroke but in the pool was the one place I didn’t feel pregnant because of the buoyancy. From 36 weeks to 42 now that I was on maternity leave I did a lot of walking up around Hampstead Heath and daily yoga stretches. Squats and hip stretching in particular for obvious reasons.

25 weeks. Sunday living room yoga.

Pregnancy #2 was very different. I had 18months before getting pregnant again and like all new mums, I had no time to return to any sort of level of fitness. I do recall cycling to work on occasion, tried ‘pram fitness’ and the like but didn’t take to it very well. Managed the 5 km Race for Life but nothing like before. It is well known that fitness helps with pregnancy and definitely giving birth so i knew I wanted to pick it up again, but it’s so hard whilst juggling a toddler too. We had lots of park dates, walking and swimming, but the time flew by and before I can remember I was on Maternity leave again. I least with Pip* at nursery I managed to swim and attend an antenatal yoga and Pilates class weekly.

I admit labour and childbirth was so much easier second time though, regardless of my fitness levels. I knew what my body was capable of and knew I could handle the pain level. The endurance you need is unbelievable, literally training for a marathon is nothing in comparison. I hear of 24hr+ labours and my hat is off to you ladies! I was induced with Pip and she took 7 hours, Luckily, 2nd time around everything happens a little faster; after my waters broke Moo arrived 20 minutes later!

My pregnancy fitness recommendations:

-Swiss ball, bounce bounce bounce! – great for baby’s position as well as core muscle activation and relieve any pelvic ligament pain.

41 weeks. Felt like I lived on that ball!

-Walking – easy cardio workout at your chosen pace.

-Swimming – Your joints will thank you, take the weight off of bump, and good for baby position too.

-Yoga – relaxing, breathing control and stretching.

-Pilates – Core control, breathing, pelvic floor activation.


I will post actual pregnancy workout videos soon… stay posted…


*Pip is now 2.5 years and Moo is 9months old.Garden-2


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